5 Ways to Build More Loyalty with Twitter Fans

Building trust and loyalty with the social media followers is extremely beneficial. Everyone wants to create long-lasting relationships and connect with their audience but it’s too tough. Twitter can be one of the easiest social media that can easily engage the audience. Simply spending hours and hours to send thoughtful tweets, re-tweeting and commenting on content is not just enough.

Building a strong, loyal Twitter follower can be tough!

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to move the needle in your follower count as your growth flat lines and your engagement starts dwindling. Your follower seems lost in the Twitter noise- and you are not seeing any traction.

The reason is that you are not standing alone. You are struggling with over 300 million active twitter fans just repeating the same Twitter patterns day in and day out.

Don’t worry!

These are some easy ways to see progress on creating loyal fans on Twitter. Are you ready for some relief? Read on!

  1. Rein in the automation

Many Twitter business profiles are filled with automated tweets endorsing their latest blog posts and amenities. Automation certainly can be favorable when it comes to being social but it does not aid in developing loyal fans.


Because your followers are interested to know what’s going on your industry rather than the automated tweets. Reining in the automation and replacing it with actual social commentary, daily routine tweets, and images can be more relevant as loyalty comes with your followers knowing who you are as a person or business and liking your profile.

  1. Just go and say ‘hi’

When it comes to interacting on twitter, though it can be difficult to make your first move to go and say “hi”, you should nail it as it helps to create brand loyalty. Don’t just be led by your notification- first of all, you should view what other people are saying on the home feed and reply at least one person before checking your own notifications.

Your news feed may be a bit mess so you should segment the people you chat setting the list of your customers, good referrers, companies you do business with and the people that matter to your business .  Regularly updating your list and proactively stating conversation proves that your existence is just not to sell but rather maintaining relationships and brand loyalty.

  1. Make Friends, Not Followers

Treat your followers like friends. Your followers are not just a number but everyone is a unique being who should be treated separately thinking them as your friend. Friendship is not the thing to buy but it is earned with your genuinely friendly nature with your followers.

Building brand loyalty takes time. Treating your loyal and trustworthy followers with healthy appreciation will cherish your brand and publicize your business. It is the surefire way to create brand loyalty.

  1. Response with Twitter video reply:

Twitter Video Reply is an underused feature of Twitter, but people didn’t know its master faces. It can be super effective with its prudent use. You can record a video of some minutes and send that to your followers instead of replying and tweeting them.

This feature allows you to build the mutual personal relationship quickly as the same way like Snapchat. You will be sharing a face and voice to your tweet. Likewise, no one has started it now, so it can be the opportunity to stand out loud among your peers.

  1. Be Receptive to Direct Message

Another feature Twitter direct message can also aid to build loyalty with your followers. You can have one-to-one conversations allowing any users to send you a direct message. By opening up your profile to Direct Messages, you can have a private conversation that makes your brand more accessible and appears more transparent to breeds more loyal customers.

Final Thoughts

Building more loyalty with your Twitter fans is not a big deal, yet this subtle move in mindset and tactic can crop some phenomenal fall-outs for your bottom line – so as the study has proved.

Now over to you!

Have you ever done something that accidentally got more Twitter followers? If so let us know how Social Media Marketing working for you?



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