Instagram stories: Things Marketers need to know

In the world of social media, Instagram stories are the modern buzz. Instagram’s new stories features is already a brand favored that lets you share all the flashes of your day. These stories vanish after 24 hours. Meantime, once you add content to it the story continues to be shown in a sequence manner. There is a choice to edit your content with finger paint, text and fun emoji’s, with as much as creativity you want. The stories that occur in feed cannot be liked or commented on nevertheless you will be able to send a message from the stories on the slideshow to your user. You can share your best parts and everything in between, too. Instagram stories have already rolled out worldwide in iOS and Android.

Recently, Instagram stories let you add URLs, mentions and Boomerangs which means more freedom when creating stories with a creativity.

Now, the question is how exactly marketers can make use of this feature to improve brand awareness. We’d love to explore further, plus deliver all the details on how Instagram stories will work for you.

Stories are momentary but…….

Instagram stories are temporary; they go away after 24 hours.

Apparently, the momentary nature of stories is a drawback for marketers but this also generates opportunities for them to use Instagram and engage with their followers in innovative ways like posting more content. It can be a great medium through which you can give your users a sneak-peek of what’s trendy behind the scenes. Talk about merging stories, there’s nothing superior to telling them who you’re beyond your products and stories. Introduce them to your team via videos or tease them with the glimpse of the upcoming changes to your website.

Meanwhile, a marketer can look at engagement metrics for content added stories to make more conversant decisions about the content they post to Instagram usually.

If you have active audience base on Instagram, you should jump on stories hastily as Instagram stories are a great opportunity for securing engagement online. Any astute advertiser would recognize that.

May appear as Snapchat but even better

On August 7 Instagram added new features famous as stories. As an alternative of posting carefully chosen photos, stories lets you post a bunch of photos throughout the day and later on disappears.

Sound alike?

That’s because of it very much like Snapchat’s My Story feature with fewer filters and lenses.

Why Instagram stories?

Implements of Instagram’s stories offers better user experience. We can see that Instagram is the improved version of Snapchat that has benefited to the masses and far more entertaining to use. You can even make your story attractive using most popular filters. Initially, there are seven filters but there are chances that further filters will be added over time.

Keep story short

While it’s appealing to manuscript your whole day, it’s well to make it short. Most of the viewer’s tend to drop off after 4 seconds although it’s visually driven app. One thing you need to keep in mind is while posting stories that are intended to promote a special offer, redirect viewers to your website. Upload these clips last so your audience sees them first. Although being a visually driven app, make your description bit short because too many words might turn your followers off.

Don’t forget to use hashtags

Whether you favor them or not hashtags are the soul of social media marketing. Since the descriptions are quite short use hashtags as they are an integral part of the Instagram marketing. Not using hashtags means you are not allowing your brand to appear in a search because that’s how Instagram categorize images.

Measuring engagement is diverse

The Instagram story currently doesn’t have likes, public comments or sharing options.  If you are about to use Instagram stories, assume to measure your engagement a little bit differently, as none of the popular measurement key performance indicators are available.

The only data Instagram shows till now is the ability to see how many views their story have racked up and which specific users have viewed them.  Don’t panic. You can measure engagement on another way through private messages. If the feedback is good, use share as post option to make it permanent on your profile.

Over to you

With the new Instagram system in place, it’s significant to find ways to rise to the top of news feed.  Simply, by adding your Instagram story, you can keep your business at the top of your follower’s news feed throughout the day. The key is knowing when they’ll be online and what type of live content will attract them.



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