These are the Social Media Trends in 2016

The last year has brought new dimensions, novelties, and chances which focused on the first choice of the customers. And it is growing with time to meet the demand of customers. Social media has prominently influenced the today’s human populace. Gone are the days when social media was just considered a tool for personal indulgence, nowadays, its center where millions of business arise.Somehow, every business has stepped into social media marketing for creating brand awareness for their product and services rather than promotion.

Though it is very tough to presume the probable changes in social media marketing trends but, some trends really helps to analyze the upcoming changes. So let’s check out what is new trend in 2016:

Boosting Mobile

Smartphones are on trend today and no one can refute the fact. 2015 is marked as the year where mobile took over desktop web traffic in the most developed countries around the world. It has become significant for the business owners to target their mobile audience to increase the leads and finally the sales. Make your business website impeccably optimized for the tablets and smartphones in order to satisfy all the customers all over the globe nevertheless of the medium they are using to search for their concerned information. Most of the people refuse to do any business with a company that does not have an online presence and is not supported by a mobile device.

Improve Social Media Posts

Social media is massively in use as it enhances customer interaction along with social media engagement. In fact, it’s an open window to your business as the customer can directly post their suggestions and commands to your products and services. The different research and surveys have shown that most of the people trust social media which has influenced to introduce the e-commerce centric features so that the marketers can promote their business. The ad features of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites are allowing the dealers to get immediate results and feedback about their products. Social media marketers are already spending money and working hard to get the high ranking social media posts for social media optimization on the search engines to increase the reflectivity.

Factual Engagement

The survey proved that the customer expects a reply from the brands and more audience wants the response in 1 hour. The percentage of customers can further jump if the inquiry is handled properly. One thing the social media need to be updated is to create and implement strategies in order to provide the proper response to queries and complaints.  If not, definitely your opponent will be quick in responding and grab the attention from the people to increase the market share.

Live Issuing Videos

These days live issuing videos are all in the rage. The people of this instant world wish for the quick information as soon as it happens. Due to the great advances in communication, we can get the news around the world in a matter of minutes. Mostly online users prefer watching videos. YouTube Gets immense hits in a day and nearly billion of videos are seen each day over Facebook. Presenting some entertaining videos highlighting the information of your brand and Facebook might really help you.

On page SEO

On Page, SEO plays the significant role for the successful structure of a website, internal linking and optimizing the content. Nevertheless, there are more things which should be taken into consideration for keeping the on Page SEO in patterned like arrangements, meaningful content, social signals and click through rates. If you will keep on focusing on the On Page SEO, its win-wins condition for your business.

Budding Customer Service

For resolving customer service concerns simply turn to social platforms as more and more people are attracted towards social networks. Facebook has already moved into this. Effective customer service interaction can take place through messenger. This is an important trend to watch in 2016, important social platforms to consider. These days, Twitter currently the leading way, in terms of social customer service but Facebook and messenger specifically take big strides on this front very rapidly.  Improving customer outcomes through better system response many brands can move forward.

Visual Content

Whenever talking about the major social media marketing trends I see coming in 2016 is a headway of visual content. Visuals are the point of saturation and they play a significant role in digital marketing. These days visual content is all over the place. So now, having visual content is not only sufficient it should be good and eye- catching. With the visual content, you can immediately stand out from the crowd. This can be done with Auto-play video and Animated GIFs. Even the Facebook has seen the positive results with auto-paly video and currently Twitter has as well.

The Year of Instagram and Snapchat

This year is the year of Instagram advertising. This platform has recently opened its doors for every business to advertise on it. Even the Snap chat is not behind we can see more and more advertising joining there too. Marketing is all about seeking the customers attention, and in 2016 it’s on Snapchat and Instagram.

Make sure you already have your social media strategy and remember to contain the possible trends in your plan to stand on the top of latest updates of the business.

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