7 Ways Content Writer Find New Ideas for their Blogs

You may be the dazzling and experienced blogger but finding new ideas for your next blog is a tough job.  No matter, how expert is you at brainstorming ideas, some of the times you run out of ideas.

It’s no secret that content marketing has occupied the vital space in today’s online market. But honestly, spawning new blog ideas has been so easy for many months now.

It’s obviously not accident always. We have refined and organized system to create far more innovative ideas to write about.

Here’s how we do.

Read a Lot

It’s no need to explain how worth we get from reading and learning new things. As the same way, it can help a lot to run our own businesses. It works as the inspiration to create new ideas for our blogs.

Researching the new topics and reading something new every day will never let you run out of the ideas to write about.

Get Into the Habit of Taking Notes

We encounter with frequent new news and bulletin every day. You can note down the relevant ideas that can help to create something new and happen on the web. You can manage your notes from Evernote to simple text docs.

This not only helps to generate new ideas but let us think about various perspectives and ways to post blogs much better.

Do Keyword Research

Content marketing is not only about putting keyword together into a post. But, a written piece to deliver value to people, solving their problems and building relationships. Through keyword research, you can come up with the ideas that people actually searching for. You should tend to solve the problems of your audience.

Google keyword Planner, Keyword Explorer, KeywordTool.io, Long tail pro are some of the keyword research tools you can use. These spits out a big list of the different Google searches that people are seeking to know about.

Talk to Your Customers

Ultimately, we write for our customers. Customers find you as the source of knowledge. You should write your blog concerning the questions, challenges and problems of your customers they are facing. It doesn’t only increases the likelihood for your site but further establish yourself as an expert in the field.

By talking to your customers and helping them with their problems- even those problems aren’t related to your industry- you can form deeper relationships with our loyal customers as well those who might one day become your customers.

Scan Social Media, Forums, and Other Online Communities

If you know your customers, you probably know where they hang out online, who their influencer are, the types of forums they frequent and what communities they’re involved in.

These sources can result as gold mines for your blog post. All you need to do is look at the types of questions that keep coming up. An example could be reddit, /r/entrepreneur, medium, Forbes, Inc. and so on.

These sources bring up with the list of posts where people are trying to learn new things and solve their challenges and addresses the burning issues that you can catch for your next blog post.

Share Your Experiences

Peoples desperately want to know about the real world other than big theories. There is a misconception that you can only blog about big and significant things but that’s not true at all.

You can literally blog about any of your experiences and problems you faced as other people and companies might want to learn about it. But it should be unique, interesting and useful enough that let people read and share.

So as you share your experiences while dealing with any tactics, you can improve the way they do things or cause them look at those things differently, you will add value to their life.

Do Stuff That Other People are scared to do

It’s human nature that people want to know whether heading to new step had worked for other before they try for themselves. People love reading such things they’re scared of trying.

You can get the double benefit if you take those risks yourself and then writing about them. Trying new things will potentially grow your business and write about it. Transparency is business could help a lot.

Our Blogs like 5 Ways to Build More Loyalty with Twitter Fans, Link Building for Better Ranking, and 10 Ways to Dominate Google Ranking are some recent posts that people are eager to do but scared the hell out of it.

Summing it up

If coming up with ideas is what’s standing between you and executing on a content marketing strategy, We hope this post helps you overcome that barrier and gives you a new way to think about sourcing and coming up with content ideas to keep your blog fresh, interesting and effective.

What do you think? Do you have any other techniques that you have ever tries to generate ideas for new content? Leave your thoughts below in the comment section.




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