5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Reign Supreme In 2016

Content marketing trends changes every time along with the time and content marketing trends are also termed as marketing approaches to retain and engage customers. Have you ever wondered why digital marketers call content “king”? It all simmer down to the fact that content is your prime link to your embattled audience – and is the crucial driver that will convert them into customers. 2016 is going to convey far-reaching changes to the world content marketing by transforming how we devour or publish content.  It’s no big secret that content marketing is altering right now. I don’t mean “varying” in the little tweaks sort of way. I mean giant, huge sea changes. The tricky thing is, we aren’t very fine at forecasting the future. Although we perceive and undergo these changes, we aren’t pretty convinced what to do in retort. To help cut through the puzzlement, I’ve to pull together my list of predictions, intuitions, educated hunches, and flat-out facts about the future of content marketing. I am just not clearing up, “Here’s what’s going to happen,” but I’m also suggesting you, “What you should do in response.”

Content Marketing Trends

Ready? Gear up your speed and let’s go.

1. Native advertising still grows

Native advertising— a paid placement through renting someone else’s content distribution platform except that you aren’t pimping a product or service—isn’t new, but it is taking pleasure in a major resurgence. This advertising is one of the ways of dealing out content and is a pay-to-play model. One of the furthermost things that native advertising can do for a brand is pledge content placement and visibility in some of the apex news sources and websites outside the media. At the end of the day, it is consumers, not advertisers or publishers, who are driving the rise of native advertising. This is absolutely one of the leading content advertising and trend you’ll make out that incessant to nurture even more in 2016! So if you wish for bonding with this rebellion, be quick and abscond everything you know about advertising behind!

2. Not just Visual, but Virtual Reality!

Just a few years ago, you could only get away with text-only social media posts and content marketing. But today!  You don’t stand a chance unless your content is crammed with visuals. Visual content is the new black for content marketers. It’s decisive that we comprehend how to use visual content successfully because the allotment of our content depends on it.  Whether it’s data-driven infographics, screenshots, charts, photos, or customer artwork, it doesn’t matter. The chief thing is, you’re alluring the eyes and mind with something other than words on a page. Colorful pictures, infographics, videos and visual content seems to be taking over the internet in 2016 because rising internet link speed like 3G and 4G have offered means to users to access videos and images at a faster pace.

3. Quality > Quantity

The Web is soaked with content, making it extremely troublesome for clients to discover definitive and valid content suppliers. All together for your brand to stand separate from the opposition, your content must demonstrate your potentiality. Rather than bringing out mediocre posts on your website every week, concentrate on letting only some of complex topics offering the pertinent answer for your objective business sector. Locate the base amount of content in the site that accomplishes greatest results without influencing quality, and after that work from that point. Google suggests making “extraordinary, particular and fantastic” substance to offer a higher quality than different sites. Make certain to distribute deception information or broken links to other website pages. Your content ought to dependably utilize legitimate language structure without grammatical errors or slip-ups in spelling. An excess of promotions and remark spam can likewise contrarily affect the apparent nature of your content.

4. Mobile optimization is the next big thing

It’s no secret that every business needs to begin thinking about mobile users. We are no longer living in a world where Smartphone users can be considered the exceptions. 80% of internet users use smartphones.  In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones. Mobile is altering the world to the next level of technology. Today, everyone has cell phones with them, always imparting and searching for data. In numerous countries, the significance of cell phones has surpassed quantity of personal computers; having a versatile neighborly site has turned into a basic part of having an online presence. As a reaction to this huge mobile revolution, the implication of mobile optimization will continue to grow in 2016!

5. Social Media still booming

All social networks are currently in this amusement and as online networking has turned out to be simply one more media channel. An article distributed on Design hill clarifies that online networking has turned out to be progressively prominent amongst small scale organizations, which are contacting their clients and fortify their image. Indeed, Social Media Examiner’s Industry Report 2015 uncovers that 92% of advertisers report that online networking is vital to their showcasing blend. In 2016 as well, increasingly advertisers will make utilization of online networking stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so forth to distribute their content. This is precisely why being available on online networking is and will turn out to be much more vital in 2016. Try not to disregard this pattern and ensure that you’re unmistakable on the web, online networking can be the ideal stage to spread your image out over the entire world!

Wrapping It Up

With the beginning of a new year, marketers have by now ramped up their content marketing techniques for 2016. But the trip doesn’t end here. As the content marketing strategies continue to develop that can marketers to provide targeted audience what they want, when they want it- in 2016 and beyond. This is just a first part of our ‘content marketing trend in 2016’- list, of course; we’ll get back to you to expand this list even more! Do you have some thoughts about our list or about another trend you expect in 2016? Please let us know!

What will you be concentrating on in 2016?

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