Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

There is no doubt that we are private profit organization, but at the end of time we all are social being. We feel hurt when someone is crying for his hunger or seeing a child roaming with bare feet. Besides from our daily work routine, we have some sort of responsibility towards the society and the land we belong to. We should serve as they carry our identity. Always thinking about the value of work is not worthwhile, we should donate some of our shares to help the helpless and also assist them to upgrade their living standard.

Knowing the value of serving the vulnerable individuals, we, Techroadians team is constantly organizing various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs with our dedicated, gentle and yet obliging staffs. We better understand the moment of being cursed by unwanted natural and human caused accidents. We could never restore their life back, but still we can support them to upgrade their life and make their lives comfortable.

In the context of country like Nepal, there has been great significance of CSR. Recently we had gone through the great tragic moment of the earthquake and frequently Nepal is exposed to several natural disasters like Landslide, Floods, droughts, windstorms, avalanches, debris flow, GOLF, cloudburst, Hail Storms, Fires, Epidemics and ecological hazards.  It’s really hard for all Nepalese to pass such hard times.

We, Techroadians, had been distributing clothes and blankets as much as we can to floods and earthquake victims. Recently we had organized an earthquake relief program at kavre.

We are frequently participating on Bagmati cleaning programs.

No matter how much time we spend at workplace to grow our own business. The more time and effort we share with those wretched individuals can inspire them a lot to live a better life. Let’s not be self-centered and raise your helpful hand to make the world the better place to live.

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